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Yoga for BP - Blood Pressure Control :

These days’ people are always upset and surprised by hypertension. People also speak hypertension to high blood pressure. The 21st century has become a common disease in the life of life, it is high blood pressure. Even young people are not getting back to making this disease their prey. Everyone wants to get rid of this serious disease. In such cases, the doctors' circling becomes very expensive.

Today is going to tell you some yoga posture of yoga which will help you to get rid of this disease.

1. Respiration ( शवासन )

With the help of this posture, your increased blood pressure and stress are both low. This is just a posture that people of all ages can do. It is also very simple to do. To do this posture lie down on the ground by the back. There should be a foot gap between the two legs and open the hands upwards, making both hands even slightly distant. Close your eyes, straighten the neck and leave the whole body in a stress less state. Then slowly fill deep breath and leave it. If we do it with complete ease, then we can remove the distance from stress, remove hypertension and normalize indigo.

2. Paschimottanasana - ( पश्चिमोत्तानासन )


When you are suffering from hypertension, your arteries start to contract, which can lead to heart attack, that is, a heart attack or a stroke. Your arteries are flexible due to the forward-headed posture like the West station, and blood pressure is also in control.

3. Anloom-Willom Pranayama (अनुलोम-विलोम प्राणायाम)


Pranayam is also a good way if you want to provide peace to your mind. Yes, anxiety is overcome with prolonged energy, heart rate is also reduced, blood pressure is low and simultaneously the right balance of the immune system and endocrine system remains.
To do this, first sit down and sit on the floor. Then straighten your waist and neck. Start this pranayama with your left nostril. By binding your inflamed nasal from the thumb and binding your breath through the nose, slowly bind the nostril with the anamika and then with the nose, gradually remove the entire breath. Then take it out of the second nostril. Do it from ten to fifteen times. Your BPP will come in control.

4. Inferior respiration ( अधोमुख शवासन )

Inferior respiration

Tension is also removed from the posture of this seat or downward dog, and the stress of the shoulders and back decreases.

5. Sukhasan ( सुखासन )

Urdhva Uttanasana

Tell us that there is not much pressure on your heart when you sit in Sudhasan's posture, it is also very effective in reducing hypertension. This posture brings peace and rest to the body and mind.

6. Setubandhasan ( सेतुबंधासन )


Making bridges, blood circulation also improves, awareness increases and stress is also removed. If anybody in your home has been suffering from hypertension, then immediately advise them to do the asana given above and do Yoga posture yourself so that you can never become a victim of this disease and always be healthy.

7. Bhramari Pranayam (भ्रामरी प्राणायम)

Bhramari Pranayam

To do this pranayama, keep the breathing from the middle fingers filled with the middle fingers at the base of the nostrils, by holding them slightly from both sides and close the two ears with the thumb, after which it will be like a ghoul Pronunciation and leave breathing out. Thus, at least three times and more than ten to eleven times can be done. Doing this removes hypertension, mental stress, heart disease etc.

8. Shashkasan (शशकासन)


To make governance, first sit on the ground in the awakening position. Then keep your hands in front and bend, keep your forehead on the floor if possible. While breathing in this situation breathe and leave. This keeps your BP in control.

Do you want get rid of from physical or mental stress? Do you want yourself healthier, joyful and stress free? Yoga is the best way!