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Yoga for Weight Loss: 7 Yoga Poses for weight loss

Yoga is India’s heritage. In ancient India people do yoga to keep their self-healthy and strong in both case mentally and physically. Mostly we consider that obesity (Fatness) is a genetic problem and it’s difficult to weight loss. But don’t worry its great news for all those who want loss weight with a little effort. Yes Yoga for weight loss is the easiest and simplest way. I know you have many question in your mind about it.

Is yoga is really useful for weight loss?

Are you really thinking that yoga is helpful to give you desire figure & healthy life? Yes you can get desirable figure as well as healthy life. Yoga also help you to remove tension and stress in hectic life of now day. A key thing about yoga is that it is an aerobic vyayam which if done with the slow speed, could prove to be highly beneficial in reducing fatness. If you really interested to lose your then start yoga in supervision of a Yoga Instructor or Yoga Trainer, on a regular basis. The great advantage of doing yoga is that you feel full of refreshment and new energy after doing yoga.
The biggest reason for yoga is that your mind, body and breath will all come in one rhythm. Yoga is an easier, more effective method of reducing obesity than other exercises.

Here 7 easiest and simplest yoga asanas or yoga pose for weight loss.

1. Surya Namaskar (sun salutation)

Surya Namaskar is one of the basic, well-known and highly practiced yoga asanas, surya namaskar mean in English is sun salutation. surya namaskar is a series of twelve different yoga poses that is beneficial for many parts of body. You can start surya namaskar with 2-3 poses and increase practising poses day by day as you feel comfortable.

2. Dhanur Asan


With this posture you can burn the fat of the place where it is very difficult. This exercise has an effect on the thighs, pelvic, chest and nipples.

3. Paschimotthan Aasan (पश्चिमोत्थान आसन)


In this asana action, you have a strain on your stomach, which directly affects the stomach fat. If your belly has gone too far ahead, then this posture can be seen very influential by doing it regularly. This also leads to back pain.

4. Tri Pose


This posture reduces weight and relaxes the mind. Blank it every morning.

5. Bhujang Aasan (Cobra Pose)


It is also called Cobra Pose. Not only this, back pain is correct but obesity is also less. This will stretch your chest and stomach muscles. Stay in the same position for about 10 seconds. 

6. Butterfly


This exercise puts an impact on the stomach and thigh. If you want a thin leg, then make this seat easy.

7. Camel pose


If the stomach is excessive then this yoga will affect your stomach, waist, chest and arms

Do you want get rid of from physical or mental stress? Do you want yourself healthier, joyful and stress free? Yoga is the best way!