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POWER YOGA: Power Yoga is kind of hath Yoga. The way we do aasan slowly & easily with rest in hath Yoga. But power Yoga is form of high intensity of exercise. We also do aasan in same manner the way we do in power Yoga but in which is done exercise without having a break and do fast. Somehow it is like an aerobics.

Most of the Aasan is performed standing in. "Surya Namastkar" is there apart from fix part of it.. There is nothing fixed in such exercise. The aasan is performed as per trainer & trainee. In such exercise, the rate of losing weight is very fast but we must maintain some precaution while doing. Not only in exercise, whatever work if you do fast, you must maintain some precaution.

If you are not fit physically or mentally, fast get advice from Doctor either you are fit or unfit for power Yoga. Suppose, doctor has given you green signal and you are going to do power Yoga first time, you must contact to experienced trainer and do in well manner continue the way it is performed. The doing power Yoga you will not lose only your weight but also feel energetic whole the day.

There is always alarming question around Yoga - does it help you to lose weight? Yes, it does well and lose our extra fat. Power Yoga is sort of aerobic workout.

Power Yoga is a fitness based workout doing this exercise your body builds internal heat and increases stamina. And with regular practice, you become strong, flexible and stress free.
The modern form of yoga, Power Yoga is becoming most popular around the world. It gives your whole body a good workout.

There are some amazing benefits of this kind of yoga.

  1. It builds strength, stamina, flexibility and shapes the whole body fitness.
  2. It boosts up your metabolism.
  3. Power Stress and tension are noticeably reduced. You become cool and relaxed.
  4. You become more attractive and focused.
  5. Even the inactive muscles are warmed up, strengthened.
  6. And it helps to burn out a fair amount of calories.

Note: Do it under supervision or with a doctor’s permission, if you are:

  1. Pregnant
  2. Suffer from serious injuries
  3. Have had a recent surgery
  4. Have a serious disease or disorder